Thumbs up for us!

Thumbs up for us!

SerialHikers adventure started at the end of 2016 and since then, our alternative travel blog has counted nearly 200 articles and around 10,000 pages viewed monthly. With the increase of traffic on our blog, we have met a lot of challenges… And we would like to explain you why we now need some “thumbs up”.

Traveling in an alternative way and completely disinterested by money, we made the choice to not sell your “available brain time” for advertising – that’s why you will not find on this blog advertising inserts, sponsored links or pop-ups urging you to buy a travel guide for each new page you read. On the other hand, you will find articles written passionately, to give you tips about traveling alternatively and make you want to leave for an adventure too! We do it because we think there is not enough content about it, and we always do it voluntarily. But as you might guess, it takes time, a lot of time… And unlike other travel bloggers, we are not familiar with the digital and marketing world.

So if your heart tells you, you can raise your thumbs up and help us:

  • By following our adventure, sharing our posts to your friends and people that might be interested to alternative, minimalist, zero-flight, ecological travel…
  • By supporting us, according to your budget, under the form of a gift

What are we going to do with the money received? Well, we personally pledge to use your donations to cover the costs of our site hosting, which amount to about €80 / year (for the moment, funded through our personal savings).
And if donations exceed the limit of €80 annual? We hardly dare to imagine this case, as it seems so unrealistic… But if it happens, we will think about giving the extra money wisely (to an association for example). In any case, we will never use the money for personal gain and will always remain transparent about the use of these donations!

Thanks for your support!