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Questions, tips, feedbacks?

… We would love to chat with you! If you have not found an answer on our blog or in our Q&A, you can always contact us: we promise you, we will answer as soon as we can – especially if we are on the road, or at sea, cut off from the world, without internet. You have the right to worry, especially if you do not hear from us after a while, and have the right to send us a kind reminder!

A project for us?

We are all ears! We have already been asked for our skills about photos and / or videos, web posts, and help with website design and / or visibility on social networks. If you want to collaborate with us, you should know that we are open to any partnership proposal / honest volunteering, in line with our code of ethics.

How to contact us?

You can also write us directly (to the following address: contact [at] by replacing the [at] with an @) or use the contact form below! Talk to you soon?