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Before we talk about our adventure and tell you how it all started, let’s talk a little about ourselves:
We are Julien & Margaux, a French couple a little adventurous and very passionate about alternative travel!
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Behind the keyboard, it’s me! Curious by nature but a little lazy, I learned to walk very late according to my parents but since then, I never stop moving! After a master’s degree in Biology at the University of Versailles, I worked for 3 years in Clinical Trials for the pharmaceutical industry. Passionate about my job, I traveled all over France to monitor sick patients. I loved it! But what I love the most is learning new things, meeting people, drinking beers with friends, having fun, exploring and taking on new challenges!

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Resourceful guy

Behind the lens, it’s him: a tall guy by his size (1m85!) and his thirst of adventure. He also worked in Clinical Trials (that’s how he met me!), after going to Ireland and Wales thanks to the Erasmus exchange program. He loves model aircraft, cooking, sports and travel – but especially hiking, in total autonomy and without a guide, in the mountains. It was during his first trip to South America that he became passionate about photography. Today, he does not leave his camera! His credo? Live in an optimized way!

"And then one day, we decided to leave everything behind!"
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Start of the trip:
October 2016

In short, you got it: we love to travel! This great trip was for us a project of life, a dream that we wanted to turn a day into reality. The problem is that even if the desire and the travel mate are here, it is very difficult to give up a comfortable life overnight… until the day when a “click” occurs.

For us, the famous “click” occurred at the end of May 2016, in a context of Parisian life a bit gloomy, after terrorist attacks and my resignation (for personal reasons). For Julien, it was the right moment. He then suggested to leave everything behind to undertake a World Tour, with no time limit. And of course … I said yes!

Once the decision was made, we began to dream of a unique trip, a journey that resembles us: an alternative and eco-friendly journey – ecological and economical. And…

... We set up an incredible challenge!

Because for us it's...

Taking our time

... by discovering other cultures, exchange and explore the world


... by reducing our impact, to preserve our planet


... by proving that we still can travel without being limited by the budget


... by enhancing human interactions, through exchanges and volunteering

Why a Blog ?

Initially, we wanted to share our adventure with our loved ones (it was our way of making them travel with us, but also to reassure them) but also with those who are interested in alternative travel. It must be said that when we left, there wasn’t much content on the subject… On the other hand, we could easily find information on “how to buy a cheaper plane ticket”, “what to put in your carry-on luggage”, “which hotels to book”, etc! Something really needed to be done – like creating an unconventional travel blog where travelers could find useful content.

An original, transparent blog

With our approach of traveling alternatively and totally disinterested by money, we made the choice not to be sponsored, nor for the equipment carried, nor for our preparations, nor for the choice of the destinations. No way to sell you good deals, special offers or “all inclusive” offers! Everything on our blog is free and personal, based on our own experience of alternative travel, without flying, made by encounters and unexpected. Our blog will never be an advertising platform: we have conceived it as a space for exchange and advice, respecting the values that unite us – such as ecology, responsible travel and ethics.

Let's talk together!

We would love to read you: questions, remarks, tips... & words of support!

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