Responsible travel: animal exploitation, somewhere between traditions and attractions

While volunteering in a hostel in Kyrgyzstan, we were struck by the interest and enthusiasm of a majority of travelers for attractions involving animals - such as multi-day horse treks with tired horses, or souvenir photo sessions with an eagle on arm... Choices that often exasperated us, but also raised many questions!...

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Traveling in Iran: be prepared for cultural shock and Taarof

Be prepared for cultural shock: food, lifestyle, traditions, alphabet all different... Our habits get easily lost; the life change is complete! This is undoubtedly what makes the beauty of Iran, an exotic country which one wants to pierce all the secrets... However, before exploring the iranian unknown, it's necessary to be aware of the change: that's why we've put together a small list of things to know ABSOLUTELY before traveling in Iran!

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Persian recipes

Ancestral, varied and original cuisine, Persian recipes are distinguished by their complex mixtures of spices and herbs, dried fruits and nuts - for a very surprising result, both in terms of taste and flavors they give off. It must be said that the dish is only the culmination of a long culinary journey, which begins in the local bazaar: a place that intoxicates our senses, as if to better prepare us for this initiatory tasting. Today, we are proud to make you travel to Iran with these Persian recipes!

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Caucasian recipes

If Turkish cuisine had given us a taste of the Caucasian gastronomy, our journey in Georgia and Armenia had made us fully appreciating this cuisine. Here, you start your meal by rolling up your sleeves, tearing off a piece of Lavash (bread) and tasting Caucasian dishes with your fingertips. You'll finish your meal on a full stomach, full of the flavours of coriander, tarragon and dill that took you to the heart of Caucasian highlands!

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Nagorno-Karabagh (Artsakh) visa & border crossing

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When we stopped in Armenia during our hitchhiking World trip, we decided to also explore the self-independent republic of Nagorno-Karabagh (Karabakh or Artsakh), a region still in conflict but well worth the detour!

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The Chiatura’s rusted cable cars – Georgia

When we were adviced to visit Kastkhi Peak, the name Chiatura was also mentioned. "It's a very old mining town. There are about 17 cable car lines in town to take you up to the heights, take them!" We soon realized, once we got there, that some of the cable cars were... completely rusted!

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Turkish recipes

Reputation of Turkish gastronomy is well established: rich, varied and tasty, Turkish recipes have kept their Asian roots while adapting to locally grown products - sun-filled fruits and vegetables from the Mediterranean region. What if today we took some food inspiration from Turkey?

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