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Looking for recipes to impress your friends and relatives? We have the solution: world cuisine recipes, learned from our hosts, to cook delicious traditional vegetarian dishes!



Easy french recipes

You may have noticed it: we like to cook, taste, eat, try new flavours. Cuisine is part of us! So it's quite naturally that we started cooking French meals for our hosts on the road, in order to thank them but also to share with them our culture, our passion, our know-how... It's also our way of making others travel!

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Persian recipes

Ancestral, varied and original cuisine, Persian recipes are distinguished by their complex mixtures of spices and herbs, dried fruits and nuts - for a very surprising result, both in terms of taste and flavors they give off. It must be said that the dish is only the culmination of a long culinary journey, which begins in the local bazaar: a place that intoxicates our senses, as if to better prepare us for this initiatory tasting. Today, we are proud to make you travel to Iran with these Persian recipes!

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Caucasian recipes

If Turkish cuisine had given us a taste of the Caucasian gastronomy, our journey in Georgia and Armenia had made us fully appreciating this cuisine. Here, you start your meal by rolling up your sleeves, tearing off a piece of Lavash (bread) and tasting Caucasian dishes with your fingertips. You'll finish your meal on a full stomach, full of the flavours of coriander, tarragon and dill that took you to the heart of Caucasian highlands!

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Turkish recipes

Reputation of Turkish gastronomy is well established: rich, varied and tasty, Turkish recipes have kept their Asian roots while adapting to locally grown products - sun-filled fruits and vegetables from the Mediterranean region. What if today we took some food inspiration from Turkey?

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Greek recipes

It's summertime, time to cook Greek recipes! On the menu: Mediterranean dishes that reflect the sun, colorful and tasty veggies soaked in a fragrant olive oil, mixed with the legendary feta cheese... Let's discover, thanks to our local experience, the best of Greek cuisine to impress your guests! Καλη σας ορεξη!

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Balkan recipes

On the menu of Balkan recipes, you will find a lot of meat - cooked, marinated in sauce, barbecued... It took a lot of effort to adapt traditional recipes with vegetarian alternatives - but most of all, to allow us to enjoy the Balkan food, where cooking skills are perfectly combined with good, locally grown products!

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