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Code of Ethics


SerialHikers was born from a desire to share our adventure with our loved ones (it was our way to make them travel with us, and also to reassure them!) but also with those who were interested in alternative and no flight travel. Point is, that when we left, there wasn’t much content on the subject… On the other hand, we could easily find information on “how to buy a cheaper flight ticket”, “what to put in your carry-on luggage”, “which hotels to book”, etc! Something really needed to be done: that’s why we created an unconventional travel blog where travelers could find useful content to prepare a slow, alternative travel; a common space for exchange and advice, in respect of the values that unite us (such as ecology, responsible travel, ethics). Everything on our blog is free, unsponsored, based on our own experience. And to always be transparent, we wrote a code of ethics to explain our editorial line to our readers and potential partners.

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Our editorial line

Alternative travel

This blog only deals with Alternative Travel, such as hitchhiking, boat-hitch, hiking, biking, couch-surfing (free homestays), bivouac, volunteering …
Alternative travel is often more economical, and sometimes tends to drastically reduce the use of money.

You will not find on this website:
– The best deals for cheap flights,
– The best hotels in Ibiza or Saint-Brévin-les-Pins

What is and alternative travel?

No flight

We value only slow travel and no flight travel.
We advocate mainly for hitchhiking.

You will not find on this website:
– Tips to find cheap flight tickets from Limoges to Timbuktu

How to travel without flying?

Responsible travel

Even if the concept of “responsible travel” remains extremely subjective and vague, we believe that a responsible trip is defined by a slow and low carbon footprint transportation, an ethical and ecological way of accommodation, another way of visiting, eat or consume in general. Most of the time, we are eating on a vegetarian diet (with rare exceptions, especially when we are invited somewhere to eat and there is no other choice) and share, in this sense, vegetarian recipes.

You will not find on this website:
– Agencies offering excursions with animals
– The best restaurant chains to eat cheap

How to travel in a more responsible way?


We are trying to reduce our consumption as well as our waste. We prefer bartering when traveling. When this is not possible, we buy second-hand products. We prefer local products, with the least possible packaging.

You will not find on this website:
– A list of “trendy” gadgets to offer to your backpacker friend
– “Made in China” brand recommendation

Our tips for a minimalist travel

Collaborations & Sponsorships

From time to time we receive partnership offers or affiliate link integration within a post. When we accept a partnership, we always mention it in the relevant article – the affiliate link or our partner’s contact at the bottom of the article.
We accept collaborations if they correspond to our code of ethics, or if the usefulness of the product is justified in an alternative travel (such as our travel health insurance). This will always be done transparently and written in the posts in question.
We are not sponsorized for our travel.

Our alternative travel blog, we do not want to use your available brain time to earn a few $ and fatten up large groups that would have nothing to do with our travel. Moreover, advertising is a big ecological issue with a consequent impact on biodiversity and climate change (you can read this post: “Why I will not put ads on BonPote“). This is why we categorically refuse any advertising banner on our website.

Affiliate links:
An affiliate link is a link that allows us to receive a minimal commission if you make a purchase from the partner, without costing you more. You should know that:
– the presence of affiliate links does not allow us to pay us. In case we put affiliate links on our blog, the received commissions will help us to cover our website hosting costs (which amounts to about €100 / year);

– product with an affiliate link is always tested by us, and the company that markets it has received our full trust (in terms of ethics in particular);
– we refuse to place on our blog “Amazon type” affiliate links
Currently, one article has an affiliation: bank on a trip

We strive to deliver consistent content regarding our code of ethics, which is why we are committed to:
– Select our partners carefully and in accordance with our editorial line (alternative travel, ecological, no flight);
– Give maximum priority to volunteering experiences (content creation in exchange for accommodation and meals) rather than paid partnership offers;
– Mention, within the framework of an agreement, the contact of our partner without any obligation of purchase for our readers;
– Refuse commercial offers that we believe would not bring anything to our readers who share the same vision of travel as us.
We do not accept articles exchanges (especially when the goal is only to allow a better visibility on Internet). We also decline any invited post (paid content). Please note that our opinion will never be bought, and that each of our partner understands and respects our total editorial freedom.
You can find our created content for partners on our production page.

Choosing not to earn money and share everything for free is often misunderstood, but yet so obvious: it's our way of giving back to the community for all it has taught and brought us!

Blog & Social medias

We design our blog and animate our networks by ourselves. We do not cheat: our readers are real, we did not buy any subscribers or “likes”.
We are making a point of honor to answer every email, every comment even if we can not always do it immediately.
All photos are from us (except exceptions with special mention at the bottom of the article).

Any question?

If you have not found a satisfactory answer in our code of ethics or in our Q&A