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A country small in size and population, but large in generosity, mountains and green open spaces:
Welcome to Slovenia!


Slovenian, english
Hitchhiking level medium

The skeletons church – Slovenia

After a day's walk in the countryside of south-western Slovenia, we met funny tourists on our way! They were looking for a church called "the Holy Trinity", whose walls would be painted with skeletons... Intrigued, we followed them in their quest and ended our route in Hrastovlje, a small village nestled at the bottom of a valley.

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Balkan recipes

On the menu of Balkan recipes, you will find a lot of meat - cooked, marinated in sauce, barbecued... It took a lot of effort to adapt traditional recipes with vegetarian alternatives - but most of all, to allow us to enjoy the Balkan food, where cooking skills are perfectly combined with good, locally grown products!

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