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A country that runs counter to prejudices, synonym of beautiful sceneries and exceptional hospitality:
Welcome into Iran!


Language(s) Farsi, english
Iranian Riels
Hitchhiking level Very easy
Wild camping Very easy

Traveling in Iran: be prepared for cultural shock and Taarof

Be prepared for cultural shock: food, lifestyle, traditions, alphabet all different... Our habits get easily lost; the life change is complete! This is undoubtedly what makes the beauty of Iran, an exotic country which one wants to pierce all the secrets... However, before exploring the iranian unknown, it's necessary to be aware of the change: that's why we've put together a small list of things to know ABSOLUTELY before traveling in Iran!

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Persian recipes

Ancestral, varied and original cuisine, Persian recipes are distinguished by their complex mixtures of spices and herbs, dried fruits and nuts - for a very surprising result, both in terms of taste and flavors they give off. It must be said that the dish is only the culmination of a long culinary journey, which begins in the local bazaar: a place that intoxicates our senses, as if to better prepare us for this initiatory tasting. Today, we are proud to make you travel to Iran with these Persian recipes!

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