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Travel budget: small expenses and big savings

"How much does your trip cost?" "How do you finance it?" Here are the most common questions people asked us while traveling. And even if we are a little annoyed to hear them, they deserve to be asked... Because you have to know that a World Tour, contrary to what you think, is accessible to all budgets - and our way of traveling is perfect for low budget travelers!

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Bank: how to avoid issues and fees while traveling!

Even if we spend little on travel, we use our savings to cover our visa and food costs mainly. So we had to find a solution to access our savings remotely, and exchange our currency easily. But how can you reduce bank fees and manage your account while travelling? Good question! Unless you have decided to travel without money, there are very simple, practical and reliable solutions to avoid issues... and bank fees abroad!

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Traveling in good health… is priceless!

Because traveling in good health is resting (let's be honest, who wants to be bedridden for several days in a foreign country ?!) we decided after some talks to take some precautionary measures before leaving - even if these solutions can be expensive and questionable!... Let us guide you through our experience and with our follow-up advices!

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How to communicate easily while traveling

While traveling, communicating and being understood can quickly become a real headache, especially when you or your interlocutor do not speak the same language! After several months on the road, we wanted to share our tips for communicating, from our own experience. And contrary to what you think, learning to communicate is not an insurmountable task!

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Applications for (un)connected travelers

Travel advice for (un)connected and budget travelers: Here is our list with our best tools and apps! And good news: most of them have an offline access! But first, make sure to make room on your smartphone and download applications that interest you before  traveling... Some are no longer available for download in other countries. Have a nice trip!

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Travel equipment: we empty our backpacks!

"What should I put in my backpack?" is the question that replaced our daily "What am I going to wear today?" Switching from city life to a nomadic lifestyle is not easy at all nor obvious! We decided to share with you all our thoughts, tips and advice to prepare your backpack. In one word: how to have an optimized backback, tested and approved in all seasons and circumstances!

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