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A different journey…

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Our adventure started back in October 2016, with a crazy project: traveling around the world with no flight, by hitching, because of ecological conviction and love for the challenge !

Julien & Margaux

French couple, adventurous,
enthusiasts, committed

62,381 km


3,581 nm

nautical miles


hitchhiked vehicles



What is SerialHikers about?

Like most travel blogs, we share here our tips, adventure stories,
travel guides, and more personal thoughts.
To the big difference: everything is free, without advertising, without being sponsored.
And our blog is not about “classic” travel!

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An Alternative Travel Blog

On this blog, we mostly share our experience about alternative travel
– a trip where you leave your comfort zone, overcome fears, trust others… and are more free!
Here we explain all the advantages of a slow, ecological and no flight travel, based on cultural exchanges, and without a return date!

Zero Flight

Our tips to reduce your environmental impact, and keep discovering our planet differently

Responsible Travel

Minimize the negative effects of tourism through more ecological, economic and social choices

Cultural Exchange

Relearn to reach out others, to value human interactions, to live in immersion with locals

Slow Travel

Learn to slow down, take the time to discover other cultures, explore unknown places, enjoy without limits

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