They have lived through a lot of stories on their journey, and have a lot to say: we are happy to let fellow travelers share their stories with us in our interviews series!

Sweet, from Afghanistan to Europe

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Sitting on a bench in the small park facing Belgrade Central Station, we watched scenes of life, people talking, walking, laughing. And then, two young people with oriental features came to talk to us: "Can we take a picture of you?" "Of course, do you live here in Belgrade?" Silence. "No ... we are from Afghanistan" We then realized that they were refugees ...

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Axel and his bike around the world for 3 years

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On our way through Croatia, we met a cyclist near Dubrovnik while we were hitchhiking the opposite way. He was on his way back home, from a world cycling trip of almost 3 years. It was just him on the road with his three-wheeled bike heavily loaded with supplies and an Malaysian flag flapping in the back. We talked and decided to make an interview of this incredible traveler!

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