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Mysterious and mountainous country, characterized by its traditional dances, its “tchatcha” and grey monasteries:
Welcome to Georgia!


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Caucasian recipes

If Turkish cuisine had given us a taste of the Caucasian gastronomy, our journey in Georgia and Armenia had made us fully appreciating this cuisine. Here, you start your meal by rolling up your sleeves, tearing off a piece of Lavash (bread) and tasting Caucasian dishes with your fingertips. You'll finish your meal on a full stomach, full of the flavours of coriander, tarragon and dill that took you to the heart of Caucasian highlands!

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The Chiatura’s rusted cable cars – Georgia

When we were adviced to visit Kastkhi Peak, the name Chiatura was also mentioned. "It's a very old mining town. There are about 17 cable car lines in town to take you up to the heights, take them!" We soon realized, once we got there, that some of the cable cars were... completely rusted!

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