It’s an other culture – Roadtrip China

Exhausted, overwhelmed, but finally free, free, FREE! Now it's possible for us to walk anywhere we want, scamping along the deserted streets of Jiuquan, passing by proudly in front of a police car  une voiture de police without risking an unexpected check, taking pictures of everything and anything, and keep these bad photos as a souvenir...

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A special experience – Roadtrip in Xinjiang, China

This following travel story traces our roadtrip in Xinjiang, a province located west of China, where there is currently a great crackdown by Chinese authorities on Turkish-speaking ethnic minorities and Muslims living in this region, including the people of Uighurs. This article is not a journalistic article but our simple story of hitchhikers visiting this region...

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Silk and Doppas – Roadtrip in Uzbekistan & Kyrgyz Pamir

Big bags, full carts, dust, speechless faces. How not to notice us, with our big backpacks, stuck in the middle of a crowd of locals, our bright red burgundy passports in hand? Uzbek customs officers came to our rescue, all smiles: in all their careers, they didn't have to see many tourists passing by Izbozkan, this small pedestrian border lost in the middle of the fields...

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Getting higher – Roadtrip in Kyrgyzstan

« 32 dney ! » 32 days... June 20th, we entered Kazakhstan on May 20th, there must be a mistake. We took out our cell phones, counted back with the custom officer on the calendar: 1, 2, 3... 32. He was right. We have indeed exceeded the visa exemption period, set at 30 days for French citizens. "Warning, warning, warning!" We did well: no fine, but a first official warning...

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